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Using “Pay to read more” feature.

With Payperdownload you can show users the header of an article and have them to pay to read for the rest of the article. The process is very simple, it is similar to creating a license for an article.
Step one is to write your article. Go to the article manager and click on “Add new article”.

Create an article as you would normally do. Set a title and a category.  For article text type the header that you want users will be able to read without paying. Then click the editor button “Pay to read more”. You will see the text PPD_PAYTOREADMORE, between brackets. All is left to do is typing the rest of the content that will available for users who pay.


Article with pay to read more


Step two is to set up this article in Payperdownload to assign it a price or a license. Go to the menu option “Resources” of Payperdownload and click new to create a new resource. Select resource type as “Content article” and click “Next”.


PPD Resource


For the new resource find the article you just created (Pay to read more sample). Mark the check box “Allow reading header. Pay to read more”. Then select a license, optionally you can select “no license assigned” and set price, expiration and maximum download count for the resource. That would be all.
When someone goes to the page of the article he will only read the header of the article and a link to pay to read more.


Payment view